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– Committed Freelance Graphic Designer/Art Director.

– Ecovolunteer in various sanctuaries for wildlife.

– Ecotourism guide.

– Diploma in Project Pedagogy Applied to Participatory Research dedicated to Education and the Solving of Sustainable Development Goals.


Highlight the efforts of those who protect Nature and Biodiversity

Allow anyone to engage in this process

Short videos live from the field

Support missions to help develop eco-tourism trips



Committed graphic designer/Freelance Art Director for 16 years (, I have been carrying out, alongside my work, for 10 years, missions in wild sanctuaries in countries where wildlife is threatened (Wildlife Care Volunteer: Elephant Nature Park - Thailand, Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center - Borneo, Lola ya Bonobo - Congo, The Kevin Richardson Foundation - South Africa, N / a'an ku sê - Namibia, Danau Girang Field Center - Malaysia). You can find these missions on: I am also led to sensitize the local population and intervene in schools. Communication, whether graphic or verbal, plays a big role in conservation. Of course, I offer graphic assistance to associations in need (Kalaweit, Goodplanet by Yann Arthus Bertrand, Envol vert, La ligue des Animaux…).


It was after these fabulous encounters at the end of the world that I decided to found the DROPS #wearealldrops movement, a committed media, which highlights all the actions carried out around the world for the protection of nature and the biodiversity.


Drops is structured around 3 axes:

– a medium: which highlights, in the form of posts via networks, those who work for nature in the broad sense.

– In-situ documentaries: short videos live from the field at the request of local actors.

– Expeditions: Drops is a partner of the NGO Objectif Sciences International which offers scientific expeditions for research and conservation purposes, open to all: Soon other partners will join the movement. Drops will also offer ecotourism stays which will aim to help the various NGOs on site. If you are an NGO in the conservation and protection of nature and want to be part of the movement, contact me.

My roles on DROPS shipments:

There are certain missions on which I go scouting, at the request of an NGO, a Ministry of Tourism, or following any other request. These missions lead to eco-solidarity trips, which can be offered by responsible tourism agencies or NGOs.

But I also go on expeditions that are already working and make them known to as many people as possible. In this particular case, I am one of the participants of the expedition, camera in hand.

There are however other expeditions, on which I supervise the trip. A graduate in Project Pedagogy Applied to Participatory Research dedicated to Education and the Solving of Sustainable Development Goals, I was also an ecotourism guide in Indonesia where I was able to live for several years. Today, I continue to bring to the field those who want to make their dreams come true.

If you want to participate in the movement from home, you can, for example, share a DROPS video that you liked. There will be a person in whom this video will make some sense, and who will decide to go into the field to help protect Nature. One week a year, every year, can be enough to make a difference!

There is also the possibility of supporting us by purchasing a DROPS item here: (Drops support shop), this money allows to finance other missions to protect new animal species. Drops is constantly looking for sponsors and partnerships to be able to continue the fight for nature. Thank you !

The easiest way is to subscribe to our Facebook or Instagram pages:

Welcome to the #wearealldrops movement!

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